Destiny’s newest trailer features seven-plus minutes of gameplay

Among a surge of Destiny news, Activision has released a lengthy new video featuring more than seven minutes of gameplay from Bungie's upcoming first-person shooter.

The gameplay in the video comes from a cooperative Strike mission in The Devils' Lair. We see a trio of players take on a variety of enemies in both indoors and outdoors environments, and get a look at some of the objectives that have to be dealt with along the way.

In addition to the release of the video, Activision announced a GameStop-exclusive preorder bonus for Destiny. Members of the free Power Up Rewards program who preorder the game will get the Upgraded Sparrow, a customized transport vehicle that is faster, more durable, and has a better boost than the regular version of the Sparrow.

Following a recent update to Destiny's website that provided new details on classes and enemies, we learned today that Bungie is hoping to allow PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 players to carry their progress over to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions, respectively. Those four platforms are currently the only ones in the works, although a PC version has not been ruled out altogether.

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