Bungie wants your Destiny characters to transfer from one console generation to the next

If you're planning to buy the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version of Bungie's upcoming shooter Destiny this September but hope to upgrade to the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 some day, here's some good news. Bungie investment lead Tyson Green told GameSpot that the studio is hoping to allow players to migrate their characters from one generation to the next.

"We're really interested in making sure that a last-gen character can move to next-gen just because there's gonna be a lot of people that buy Destiny on, say, a PS3 or a 360 and then they get a PS4 for Christmas and it's like, well, 'Don't tell me I've just wasted my last hundred hours there.' We don't want to lock people in," Green said in a recent Q&A session with GameSpot's Carolyn Petit during a trip to the company's offices.

It's unclear if such a character migration would be supported inside the console family exclusively (i.e. PS3 to PS4 or Xbox 360 to Xbox One) or if your character's stats would move forward regardless of which platform you play on. We'll have to wait to find out.

Green also teased that Bungie is keen on the idea of introducing an in-game player economy for Destiny, but pointed out that this feature won't be there at launch. "We're really excited about doing a player economy," he said. "But for launch, we're going to be restricting it to trading items between your own characters. We have a lot to learn about the way the economy works, and also the security situation, both for our own systems and platforms."

For more on Destiny, be sure to read GameSpot's just-published preview of the game. A beta for Destiny begins this summer first on PS3 and PS4 (but not because Bungie favors Sony over Microsoft), before the full game is released across all consoles on September 9.

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