‘Reflections’ with Chobra

William 'Chobra' Cho, Global advisor for OnGameNet global, is the star of the 49th episode of 'Reflections'. This interview was conducted on July 11th.

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:04 Intro
  • 00:23 Diagnosing Korean LoL as a social phenomenon
  • 03:15 Conversion of Korean players to esports fans
  • 05:32 Fan backlash on players who BM'd publicly
  • 08:21 The context of Korean trash-talk
  • 10:49 Do the best players get criticism or do they get a pass?
  • 13:14 How has fan reaction for dade been?
  • 14:46 Legacy players who get a favourable reaction from the community
  • 18:05 Do Koreans rank players regardless of position?
  • 20:39 Do Koreans actually hold Western players in hold regard?
  • 24:47 How do Koreans think of the Chinese region?
  • 27:31 Will we eventually have the West flooded with second tier Koreans?
  • 33:24 The reaction in Korea if a Korean team didn't win Worlds this year?
  • 37:11 The level of Korean coaching
  • 41:47 Korean thoughts on Apdo
  • 44:15 Getting burned out as a Korean pro once you reach the top
  • 50:26 OGN intros and the philosophy of creating the stars
  • 58:21 KaKAO and the OGN Masters trash-talk
  • 1:01:25 The most hyped match in Korean LoL history
  • 1:05:32 Chobra's job now