Team Dignitas Officially Announce Aizy As Fifth Member

The team had first set their eyes on Nicolaj 'Nico' Jensen, who played with them for several weeks after official matches forced them to decide early. But ultimately the team decided against reuniting with the pristine AWPer for reasons that were mainly time-related. After having a few weeks of down-time with minimal official matches, the team eventually crossed path with Philip 'aizy' Aistrup, a previous member of n!faculty and 3D!MAX.

Although being considered one of the most promising up and coming players in the scene, Aistrup had yet to find a solid team to play for, for a longer duration of time, as most of his teams ultimately disbanded too quickly for them to really gather international acclaim. However, by joining team Dignitas, Aistrup will definitely get his chance to prove himself once and for all.

The new member of team Dignitas spoke to onGamers exclusively about joining the roster of what is largely considered a solid top four team in the world:

How did the process of joining go? Especially with Nico being around at first, and what will your role within the team be?

Well Nico didn't have the time to play as much as Dignitas wanted to play, so he decided to leave to focus on his driving license and sport. So Dignitas asked me to play with them, which of course, was an offer you won't deny. So I'm happy to be a part of this team now. I guess I'm taking the role cajunb was playing, which is a big role to fulfil!

You're considered an amazing up and comer by many people in the scene, so what sets you apart from the rest of the Danish scene in your opinion?

I don't know what sets me apart from the Danish scene.. I guess hard work and dedication and, last but not the least, motivation, have been helping me towards this level.

In Dignitas you're joining a team that's considered top four by many in the world and one that also has one of the better organizations supporting it. You went from amateur to this level very quickly, first of all how does it feel to have made it this far already and secondly what do you think will change having the extra commitment in terms of training, events, responsibilities et cetera?

Of course joining Dignitas will only put a big pressure on me since I have a big role to fulfill of cajunb's. To jump from a team like 3DMAX to Dignitas, is a huge jump of course and I'm only happy to get this chance this early.

Also, playing on this level now will require extra time, so you can be able to perform in every match, and since I'm not that experienced yet, I'm only looking forward to attending events etc.

Next match for you will be the FACEIT Spring League where you will face off against Titan straight away. Give us a brief preview of that match and how you think it will go for yourself and the rest of the team.

I think we will do good, even though I just joined, but of course, we still need a lot of practice. But we're a team of good individual players, even though the teamwork wouldn't be the same with cajun, I think we will do fine.

Any finals words or places where your new-found fans can follow you?

I want to thank Dignitas and their sponsors for supporting us and trusting us! To all the people that want to follow me and the team as we compete around the world, you can check the dignitas website for all the latest updates!