This week in fantasy LCS – Week 7. All the fantasy stats for upcoming superweek.

This week there will be no video because of the quick turnaround needed for superweek starting on Tuesday morning, meaning you have to change your rosters quick! I will highlight some of the interesting performances in the article this time and provide you guys the tables as always.

Week 6 Results:

As we predicted last week sOAZ had a big week topping the charts but his fnatic counterparts didn't do as well in the other roles, however still having good weeks themselves. Gambit's niQ had the most surprising week as he topped the mid list for the first time in a big way. Also surprising is the weak performance of C9 last week, I said C9 should do well if they don't get randomly upset by complexity, and they got wrecked by complexity leaving them to medicore fantasy results. Lastly TSM despite going 1-1 this past week topped the charts in 3 positions because even in their loss they netted big points.

The Week 7 Estimates:

This week in fantasy LCS - Week 7. All the fantasy stats for upcoming superweek.

With the upcoming superweek this makes the estimates a bit more neutral as matchups become less of a factor when you are playing half of the league. Because of this we see mostly people with good points per game near the top such as kerp amazing and ackerman. These have been the role leaders so far and with 4 games making weeks a bit less "random", I would stick with trustworthy strong picks rather than taking risks on people like Innox or Airwaks.

Full Match-up Matrix

This week in fantasy LCS - Week 7. All the fantasy stats for upcoming superweek.

Here we see the matchups which are much less significant than it has been in previous weeks. As I said above it is hard to bring much insight here because teams are going to be playing so many different matchups that the good usually balances out the bad. For example Dignitas is playing against EG and complexity, two relatively easy matchups fantasy wise, but is also playing against TSM and C9, making them have a rather neutral week. Overall I wouldn't put as much weight into the matchups this week and instead start your "strongest" players who have been consistent performers over the past few weeks.

With this logic I expect Alliance to be big performers this week, and the go to players for superweek.

Data collected with help by the onGamers Stats team: Derek 'Kathix' Adams, Jesse 'JALbert' Albert, Steven 'whedgehead' Falgout, Kent 'Traepoint' Frasure, Christoph "geilerHarry" Lansmann, Jake Morales,James 'PelkaSupaFresh' Pelkey, and José "Vodkita" Ribeiro. Design by Ben 'Sarcasmappreciated' Li.