China Talk Episode 29

00:01:45 Shoutout to the OCE Broadcast Team
00:04:59 Production value from the Chinese stadium
00:12:00 WE or Invictus Gaming?
00:21:00 The Korean import carry: iG and Master3
00:30:45 Addressing Vasilii's performance
00:34:00 Scheduling bias and ramp up time in the context of LPL
00:38:00 DanDy's defense
00:46:50 The Chinese LoL scouting issue (amateur players and team styles)
00:50:15 Most overrated team from last week
01:02:40 Most underrated team from last week
01:11:00 SHRC and the NaMei situation
01:12:50 SHRC's shot-calling against M3
01:21:50 Best BO2 of the week
01:22:18 Raz's pick: LGD vs EP
01:27:00 Top laner attractiveness debate
01:32:00 DreXx's pick: EDG vs King
01:33:15 Kelsey's pick: EDG vs VG
01:37:40 OMG assessments
01:43:40 Shoutouts