Lemondogs announce new LoL division

Team owner and general manager Daniel 'pani' Aicardi announced via Twitter the new faces of the Lemondogs squad. Given the roots of the team, the squad follows suit and consists fully of Swedes.

Lemondogs line-up:

Gustav 'Xyraz' Blomkvist - Top

Rawbin - Jungle

Erik 'ZiviZ' Lövgren - Mid

Schenning - AD

Imspecial - Support

Despite not currently housing famous talent, both Xyraz and ZiviZ are known Challenger players and have been playing in amateur teams for quite some time. The short term goals of the team are to compete in the LAN Birdie this weekend and hopefully, DreamHack Summer in June. According to Aicardi, practice sessions are already underway in Inferno Online. The owner also gave a statement regarding the acquisition:

We’re all glad and excited to see these young talents compete against the Swedish top teams out there and specially to see them grow as a team. I think we will have a big chance to win the Swedish Masters to secure the #1 spot in Sweden and be ready to face the international teams.

The Lemondogs brand generated much interest in the Summer split of the Season 3 EU LCS. Housing most of the current NiP.LoL line-up plus Tabzz, the team won the regular Season and finished runner-up, thus earning a spot at the Season 3 World Finals in Los Angeles. After being eliminated in the group stage, a series of unfortunate events hit the line-up.

Shady dealings with Ninjas in Pyjamas were brought to light which prompted the organisation to controversially release its players and pick-up a new, much weaker squad prior to Battle of the Atlantic. As if that was not enough, a last-minute failure to submit paperwork saw their Season 4 Spring LCS spot being taken away. Now with the new line-up, the Lemondogs seek to open a new page in its League of Legends history.