NA LCS Season 4 Summer Split Coverage Center

Welcome to the Season 4 NA Summer Split Coverage Center where you can find all of the standings, results and more. You can find interviews, previews and recaps made by our staff and check out our media gallery for on-site pictures and videos!

Livestream: The action continues on 5th July.

Disabled champions: Shen, Rengar and Nidalee.

Media Center

Upcoming Schedule

Friday 4th July 2014ResultsSaturday 5th July 2014Results
12:00 PDT: LMQ vs Cloud9TBD12:00 PDT: Team Dignitas vs Team SoloMidTBD
13:00 PDT: Complexity vs CounterLogic GamingTBD13:00 PDT: Complexity vs Evil GeniusesTBD
14:00 PDT: Team Dignitas vs Evil GeniusesTBD14:00 PDT: LMQ vs CurseTBD
15:00 PDT: CounterLogic Gaming vs Cloud9TBD15:00 PDT: Evil Geniuses vs Team SoloMidTBD
16:00 PDT: Team SoloMid vs CurseTBD16:00 PDT: Cloud9 vs CurseTBD
17:00 PDT: CounterLogic Gaming vs LMQTBD
Sunday 6th July 2014Results Results
12:00 PDT: Curse vs CounterLogic GamingTBD15:00 PDT: Team SoloMid vs ComplexityTBD
13:00 PDT: Complexity vs Team DignitasTBD 16:00 PDT: Team Dignitas vs Cloud9 TBD
14:00 PDT: LMQ vs Evil Geniuses TBD


1.Team Dignitas95
3.CounterLogic Gaming95
4.Team SoloMid86
8.Evil Geniuses410

Previews and Recaps

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