Third time unlucky for CIS as their visa applications are rejected again

After previously having failed their visa interviews attending them together as a group, earlier today CIS' Chinese players went to the interviews individually -- their third try and potentially a last hope in getting travel permission into the United States for TI4. Even though CIS player ayo was finally successful in gaining his visa, this would not be enough as the rest of the team's Chinese players were once again rejected.

CIS.inflame explained it on his Weibo:

The first try was us four players and our manager, interviewing together, the manager passed. The second time, we five went together again, all failed. The third time, still us five, but we interviewed individually. Ayo passed, he had been assigned number 13 in the waiting order. 15 minutes later I also got number 13, but was rejected. By the third time, forget about additional documentation, the official wouldn't even look at the invitation anymore.

In response to this bad news, The Dota 2 manager for the Chinese eSports association, ACE, posted a call for help on her Weibo:

Any friends can help CIS here? And I hope that Valve and Perfect World might try again to communicate with the embassy. If China loses a team at TI4 due to visa issues, that would really be hard to take. Hope we can all support our eSports competitors. If eSports has been accepted as a sport, then that should mean that our players should be treated the same as competitors in other sports, they are also going overseas to win glory for the homeland! We need to be supported.

CIS.June, however, gave reason to be hopeful, suggesting on his Weibo that there would be another chance:

This time only ayo passed... The others still failed~ Don't be too worried for us, everyone... I think in 2 or 3 days there will be another chance... Frustration won't help~~ The documentation and relevant preparations that we need have all been noted, and we've also hired a mediary... If we still really cannot go compete then there's nothing else to do~~ I've accepted that... But still, being rejected three times really does suck a bit~~ Let's add oil for the next time!!

Whatever happens, good luck to the team, as missing out on the premier tournament in Dota 2 -- and perhaps all of eSports -- due to visa issues has got to be frustrating and painful.