Chinese esports expected to be worth £2.3bn by 2020

China’s prominent state television broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) reported the current state of the Chinese esports market and expectations for the future of the industry.

According to the report from CCTV,  the Chinese esports market reached 8.48bn RMB (£960m) in 2018, and the total output value of Chinese esports industry is expected to reach ¥21.1 bn RMB (£2.3bn) by 2020. CCTV also reported that there are over 50,000 working in the industry   a number which is expected to increase to past 250,000 by 2020.

Credit – @HSesports

Bang Xu, the vice president of Tomorrowland Esports Ltd, told to CCTV that: “Three years ago, it may have taken two or three months to get one or two applicants for the director of an esports league. The number of esports leagues in 2016 was just less than 10. At present, we may have dozens of applicants in a month, and the number of esports leagues has exceeded 100.

“Although more and more people are willing to engage in the esports industry, esports talents are still in short supply compared to the speed of the industry development.”

To meet the demand from the esports industry, numerous Chinese colleges have opened esports related courses to cultivate talents across different areas including event management, event operation, esports broadcasting and esports streaming.

“Esports talents are still in short supply compared to the speed of the industry development”

Besides adding esports majors to education, the Chinese government is also trying to raise public awareness of esports as a whole. On Apr.3, the Chinese government officially confirmed “esports operator” and “esports player” as two new professions in the country. With support from the government, Chinese esports lovers are more confident to engage in the industry and contribute to the development of Chinese esports.

Esports Insider says: The Chinese government have noticed the great potential in China’s esports market and they are trying to develop it deeply. With announcements of multiple policies for Chinese esports industry, we may see how Chinese practitioners can effectively utilise the country’s support to develop the esports industry.

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