Atila Yeşildağ – PUBG Corp. – Behind the PUBG Europe League

We recently spoke to Atila from PUGB Corp to find out everything about the PUBG Europe League and more.

The PUBG Europe League is part of PUBG Corp.‘s official esports push for its hit Battle Royale title. While it didn’t get off to the best of start in terms of delays, the league is under way in partnership with StarLadder.

With that in mind, Esports Insider felt it was the perfect time to find out a little more about PEL in terms of its challenges, expectations for the league, and working together with StarLadder to produce the finished product. Atila Yeşildağ, Esports Operations Manager EMEA at PUBG Corp. took the time to discuss these things and more.

Atila Yeşildağ, Esports Operations Manager EMEA at PUBG Corp.

Esports Insider: What have been the biggest challenges that have come with setting up the league?

Atila Yeşildağ: Like all new endeavours, sometimes you run into unexpected elements that throw off your timeline. Earlier in the year, we ran into some logistical challenges that led to slight delays, but due to our close partnership with StarLadder, we were able to resolve any and all concerns. Both companies are feeling pretty good about everything and we’re confident we’re back on track.

ESI: How did you find coordinating 16 teams with their move to Berlin to compete?

AY: Berlin serves as a perfect central location for our participating teams and has an active competitive esports scene and hosts a number of large scale events, so it is perfect to accommodate PUBG. Coordinating teams can be a challenging task that we are tackling with our partner StarLadder who has hosted multiple successful PUBG events before. We also work closely with the teams to ensure that everyone’s needs are considered and catered for.

“Coordinating teams can be a challenging task that we are tackling with our partner StarLadder”

ESI: What have you done to improve the experience for fans now you’re involved, as opposed to an event from a third-party?

AY: PUBG is already a spectacle to watch at [an] esports level and we’re ensuring that we take every step to enhance the viewer’s experience. We are providing the opportunity for spectators to view PUBG in a unique approach via Observer Mode which will really bring the matches to life for those watching at home. We also want to give that audience the chance to engage with the matches, so we will also have a Twitch plug-in that will really make them feel like they are part of the action.

Being the first European league for PUBG, we strive to bring the highest level of production, in which the teams that are participating feel immersed in the league to enable them to perform to their full potential.

ESI: Do you have set responsibilities with StarLadder to run different parts of the league or is it more of a symbiotic working relationship where the teams from both companies work together on everything?

AY: It definitely is a symbiotic relationship where each party brings their strength to the table, in order to ensure the league is run in the most efficient manner. Our PUBG esports team works closely with StarLadder to bring the best show to our fans, and StarLadder’s production expertise is of great value.

“PUBG is already a spectacle to watch at an esports level and we’re ensuring that we take every step to enhance the viewer’s experience”

ESI: Has the assistance with operation costs for teams already come into play or will that be introduced alongside in the inclusion of in-game items in Phase 2 of the season?

AY: They are already in place for the eligible teams from Phase 1.

ESI: Have you looked at the National PUBG League, for example, to get any pointers or to gain any examples of what works and what doesn’t?

AY: As a global company, we share with each other our experiences and best practices we learn from our regional leagues. For example, we have tested Twitch extension at PAI and based on the reception, we decided to implement in this into NPL. I am delighted to say that it will be available for PEL as well.

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