META High School Esports secures sponsors in Acer and Intel

Hardware manufacturers Acer Computer Australia and Intel have become official sponsors of Australian competition organiser META High School Esports.

Image Credit: Adelaide Crows

META has stated that the sponsorship will allow them to fund further gaming peripherals, secure venues for tournaments, and expand their reach to high school esports enthusiasts, particularly through new training camps. META states that collaboration between schools, parents, and the government to provide quality esports opportunities is their central focus. With reportedly close to 2,000 students participating in local and national leagues, META hopes to improve its online tournament platform and LAN opportunities for students. 

As it stands, META currently conducts three high school esports leagues for League of Legends, Rocket League, and NBA 2K. The organisation is wholly owned by parent company and Australian Rules Football side, the Adelaide Crows, who also own Legacy Esports.

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On the deal, Adelaide Crows Chief Operating Officer, Nigel Smart said, “This sponsorship means we can deliver a great tournament experience to the students in our program and provide them an invaluable opportunity to engage with esports. Australia is growing an as important player on the global stage and increased support for our next generation of esports stars will help Australia and New Zealand continue to thrive in esports. Our students are so passionate about gaming, and if we can help them share that with their peers and a wider audience, we can drive greater engagement in the school system. It doesn’t just help skills like communication and teamwork, it also helps with school attendance and gives them a space to learn and feel welcome.”

Additionally, Darren Simmons, Managing Director Oceania, Acer Computer Australia believes in the value gaming has in children’s development: “We have seen the many results from incorporating gamification into educational learning activities with our own initiatives. It provides a layer of fun and enjoyment with is extremely helpful with transforming students attitudes and experiences towards learning. For example, games like League of Legends focus on the concept of teamwork and cooperation, which develops a collective responsibility with players to not let down their team. This translates into everyday life and learning with group work, team sports and working collaboratively with colleagues … Initiatives like META provides students the opportunity to become part of something bigger and share their love for gaming with like-minded peers.”

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While for Santhosh Viswanathan, Managing Director, Sales and Marketing, Intel Asia Pacific and Japan Territory the sponsorship is great for grassroots esports: “Australia and New Zealand’s esports industry is in the middle of a boom period. It’s a scene filled with so much enthusiasm and we’re proud to be supporting its growth across the region with this sponsorship. Grassroots initiatives like the META league will help build the success of the industry by finding the next generation of gamers, shoutcasters, and streamers.”

Esports Insider says: Securing sponsorships like Acer and Intel is a big step for META and high school esports more broadly. On a broader level, developing esports at the high school level can only help improve the overall quality and pathways available to potential pro players and the scene as a whole.

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